Peeristics brings all your resource materials and lesson plans under one roof, powered by peer networks and curriculum know-how.


Teach Better Through Peeristics

Combine the best from your peers + heuristic to learn from the habits and patterns of people like you. We integrate the best practices and content into one interface that keeps you organized.

Discovery, a key tool for educators

Peeristics lets you see how other teachers use resources and the latest ideas to achieve learning objectives in the classroom. Because our search function is education-specific, we provide results from the Internet or our database of resources geared to what’s important to you.

Keep it Together

You’ve got a lot to keep track of. Now you can quickly collate and organize your teaching resources wherever they are.

  • Access all your content in one place.
  • Search our large database of resources shared by your peers.

Schedule resources for use

You can find resources via multiple repositories and store them in your personal libraries.You can post resources directly to a class as an item of interest, topic of discussion, or as part of an assignment. Pereristics lets teachers schedule resources in their daybook as reminders for when to use them.

Reap the benefit of organized resources

Learning thrives on sharing--your resources with others, and your peers’ resources with you. Peeristics lets you find what you’re looking for, organize your materials, and distribute them to other applications or people.

Peeristics provides a portal into:

  • A network of resources aligned with curriculum
  • Lesson plans that integrate multi-media resources
  • Evaluations that determine the achievement of learning outcomes

Via analytics, we identify relationships between resources and recommend materials that may be relevant to your current topic, subject, or grade level. By providing you with the most popularly used materials, we help keep you current with the most relevant resources.

Peeristics provides innovative tools and supports that help transform static content into dynamic resources, and relationships into meaningful insights.

  • Easily build content using your preferred applications
  • Add a resource from any source (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Pinterest)
  • Mix and match your resource with other ideas, or organize them into a binder
  • Combine your content with teacher-made material, textbook references, or any other information to build a learning resource

Stay aligned

Since Peeristics separates curriculum into its component parts, teachers can easily find resources and strategies for their subject and grade level that align with curriculum goals and learning outcomes. Peeristics generates reports showing how much material you have for each goal and where resources are lacking.

  • Use predefined objectives for lesson and unit plans, or define your own (available from the ministry to individual educators).
  • Tag resources, lessons, and assessments are tagged by the objectives they touch.
  • Identify relationships between high-level curriculum components (learning outcomes, teaching strategies) and classroom-level lesson materials (such as LOR, resources, activities, evaluations).

Share with colleagues in different schools or districts by joining other Peeristics networks.

School Leaders

Get more from what you have

Schools and divisions spend a lot of money and effort on buying and creating resources. You want to make the most of this investment. Peeristics helps promote these resources to the right teachers so that they meet educational needs. We do this by:

  • Sharing resources via communities
  • Ensuring that your resources appear in relevant searches
  • Providing reports that show resource use and identify where your resources are underused

Reduce retraining

Teacher retraining can be costly and time-consuming, especially since digital resources and new technologies create constant churn. Peeristics is a single technology-agnostic platform that can integrate into others. With Peeristics teachers have a single interface for all their search, storage, planning and organizational needs. You store resources in one place and Peeristics pushes your content to other applications. There is no need to re-learn how to do things. As you acquire new resources or new related applications we can they can bring them under our simple application interface so intensive retraining is eliminated.

Visible outcomes

Unlike standard learning management systems (LMSs) or learning object repositories (LORs) we provide an online copy of all your curriculum outcomes in our alignment tool. With a single click resources can be easily aligned, and the connection between high-level curriculum objectives and classroom-level lesson materials can be seen at a glance.

Our analytic tools provide clarity on what resources teachers are using and can quickly identify gaps in resources or training. With Peeristics’ data reporting tools you can simplify planning and understand what methodologies work best based on actual teacher needs.

Harness the work of peers

Surfing for resources is a time-consuming task for educators and can be fruitless. Peeristics’ network capabilities make the search for resources and best practices more efficient. By using your metadata to determine the context of your search, we can return results based on what is most useful to you, so you can quickly identify resources, learning blocks, collaborations and communications available in your networks.

Provide collaboration space

Are your teachers using their curricula as guides to identifying good Internet resources and other materials? Peeristics fosters communication amongst your teachers to enable the sharing of resources, sites, and ideas. We do this by providing three separate spaces for teachers:

  • Personal space--where educators maintain their ePortfolio and scheduling
  • Class space--where teachers plan and schedule, collaborate and chat with students, manage assignments via file storage and drop boxes, or participate in forums by exchanging messages and news
  • Group space--where educators collaborate with their peers and contribute to each other’s work via meetings, wiki updates, forums and virtual meetings, and sharing of LOR learning blocks from their resource binders


Peeristics has no impact on busy IT departments. Being hardware- and software-agnostic makes for an easy start-up.

Peeristics provides users a single interface for finding and sharing learning resources. With Peeristics you can consolidate all your o line learning resources in one place. Incorporating an easy-to-use online learning resource library, Peeristics can index any resource including:

  • Internet pages
  • Any type of social media
  • SharePoint
  • File shares
  • Textbook resources

Use our role-based security to easily provide access to resources inside your network with our single sign-on application. One interface, one rule set, no worries.

We provide a 99.95% up-time environment for worry-free management. Add resources and drive space at will with no down time.
Flexible Management:
Manage your network as little or as much as you want or need.
Drive Space:
Users can avail themselves of our drive space, or we can use the cloud storage platform of your choice.
Maximize Your Resources:
Peeristics keeps previously purchased or developed local resources front and centre in all teacher searches.
Data Driven:
Peeristics can provide data on access to, and use of, resources that teachers find valuable.
Within your private network, no one outside of your approved member community will have access or viewing privileges.

We are completely cloud-based, so there is no need to worry about software installation. Since Peeristics works with any smart device, teachers can easily access their material from home or from their mobile devices.


Strength through numbers

Peeristics puts you in touch with a community of educators who can share resources, discuss the best ways to use them, and even provide completed lesson plans. Because Peeristics breaks a curriculum into manageable pieces, you can pick and choose only the parts that are relevant to you.

Start your own community

Got a passion for a subject? In Peeristics it’s easy to apply for a group in order to share your expertise and perspective with similarly-interested educators. You can also create ad hoc or impromptu community groups for specific reasons, or build parent associations.

Participate in a community

Once you have a Peeristics account, you can join existing communities to share and explore concepts. You can participate at your convenience, and make every day a teacher conference or PD day.

Examples of communities you can join include:

  • Tech Group--an active group of switched-on bloggers who are proud of the way they incorporate technology into their teaching and eager to share their experience
  • UpChalk--educators who explore habits of effective teachers, share the things they like, and provide classroom tips and tricks

Leverage your network

Because Peeristics can work with existing resources, it allows you to extend your community and its influence by leveraging your existing blog, resource repository, or other site. We can promote your content directly to teachers and administrators.